We expand manual capabilities. Whenever you want. You decide.

Change your cosmetic prosthesis to functional TOLKA hand.

With TOLKA you can set all fingers the way you want. Naturally.

Fingers mechanism allows you to keep positions set.

TOLKA is lighter than cosmetic prosthesis.
See what it can do.

„Every day, I’m so happy to have this hand! I can eat yoghurt at work, without hugging the cup and making my shirt dirty. I can go to the kitchen only once, holding cup of water in one hand and my favorite coffee in the other. TOLKA is also great for yoga. I can do all asanas!”

Discover how many new things you can do switching from cosmetic prosthesis to functional TOLKA with adjustable fingers.

„We’re making a change.
and invite You to be part of it.”

Bartosz Rajewski, CEO vBionic

Write to us: hello@vbionic.com
Or call: +48 690 690 200

You can stay safely at home.
Courier will pick up your cosmetic prosthesis and deliver it back with TOLKA hand installed.